Welcome to Enterprise School District

Helping you be the best you can be


Enterprise School District is a small, rural school in a remote county that consistently turns out exceptional students ready for life.  Whether you are college bound or inclined to go in other directions, you will find a supportive environment that starts in  the classroom and extends into the community. 

At Enterprise, limitations in size and budgets have brought out the best in Wallowa County’s citizens, who step in year after year to provide innovative educational programs in science, art, and business; financial support through multiple scholarships; and mentoring for college and career preparation.  All enrich our students’ educations and preparation for life.

We care about each student and work with you to expand your strengths and improve areas that need improving so you have the best opportunities available to create the life after high school you deserve.  This is done through extensive opportunities in and out of the classroom to encourage a strong work ethic, leadership skills, service to school and community, innovation and creativity in solving problems, and a standard of excellence. 

Our teachers live right here in Enterprise, and have sent or are sending their own children to our school.  Some are even graduates of Enterprise High. This creates a passion and commitment to the quality of education we provide, and a warm, personal relationship with our students unmatched in larger urban and suburban schools. Year after year, we hear the same thing from former students:  I was better prepared than I thought I would be for college, and for life.   What we provide here at Enterprise School District, with a dedicated community surrounding us, plays a big part in that.

We look forward to welcoming you to Enterprise School District.